How much time do you spend in transition?

Transition can be a worrying place for some and there is always a risk of over packing, getting the wrong setup or just not being aware of the rules for that particular race. It is often hard for the new or even seasoned triathlete to understand what to do, what to wear or kit to have in transition as this can differ from race to race depending on the race organiser’s rules.

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The Transition is also an area where real gains can be made. How many hours of swim practice would it take to take two minutes off your swim time? Probably hundreds maybe even thousands. How many hours of transition practice would it take to loose two minutes off your transition time? Maybe only one! Many triathletes are so focused on swim, bike and run splits that they forget the clock is still running in the Transition Area. Every second counts. Transition practice isn’t as fun as running, but it is a good investment as part of your training time. The transition is not a rest area but a place to speed in and out of, in the fastest time, with the least energy. A simple checklist, a practised process and familiarity with what works for you is key. Click HERE to download our recommended kit list to print off and slip inside the sleeve of your KitBrix!

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We fully support the clear rules that are laid out by the British Triathlon Federation (BTF) but there is always an area of responsibility and requirement that lies with the Race Director. The BTF have put together a very consistent guide in Rule 7, which can be found HERE. As the first ever transition partner of British Triathlon, our aim is to simplify the options for you, for Race Directors and anyone that wants to take part and not have to worry about what they can and can’t have in the transition area. In 2017, we will release our KitBrix change mat that is fully compliant with the BTF rules and if allowed by the Race Director of the particular race, will mark out an area 0.5m wide to standardise the transition area for all.

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There may also be races where you are allowed 1 x bag, 2 x bags, or no bags at all! Don’t worry, we have set up three scenarios with our soft sided bag range that will fit all requirements; from 2 x KitBrix for those that like to have a full complement of kit, through to 1 x KitBrix for a standard setup and our PoKit bag which allows you to take all kit to transition before rolling the bag up in to a pouch ready for the finish and a quick getaway.


transition setup

transition set up


All of our 3 solutions allow you to have a completely hands free and stress-less experience. The durability of our products, especially the modular KitBrix bags with their firm base, allow you to operate in all terrains and weather conditions. PLUS your KitBrix bags are not just for race day, KitBrix products are designed to be used day-in-day out and endure the rigors that are synonymous with Triathlon training and the time you set aside to become proficient at 3 disciplines. Shop HERE to find out more.

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